Events > IATEFL Conference 2004, Liverpool, 16-17 April


Reports by Geoff Taylor, Computer SIG Committee member

Selection criteria

I have included sessions of probable interest to Computer SIG members, whether on or off the official Computer SIG track. I was able to attend only the last two days of the conference.

Aim of the reports


The reports are organised into a Summary section and a Comments section.


In the Summary sections, factual errors and omissions are almost certainly mine rather than the presenters, and are likely due to mental confusion, incomplete notes and/or poor memory.

In the Comments sections, I have tried to give only constructive criticisms. The ideas expressed are my subjective opinions, at the time and in reflection.

General criticism

Unlike the special Computer SIG-organised events, all speakers about computer-related issues at this year's venue were hampered by the lack of hands-on computer facilities for the participants/attendees, necessitating demonstrative or descriptive – rather than experiential – modes of presentation. Hopefully, this can be remedied at future IATEFL annual conferences.

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