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Friday 16 April

Resources on the cheap: finding them, using them

Lucy Baldwin (Embassy CES Brighton & Hove School, England)

Lucy Baldwin, after her talk, smiling, with a glass of something at the Computer Open SIG forumA page from Lucy Baldwin's presentationWeb-based multimedia demonstration in Lucy Baldwin's presentation

Report by Geoff Taylor, Computer SIG Committee member


Lucy gave a tour of a wide variety of resources for English language learners and teachers available for free on the World Wide Web.

She briefly discussed the advantages, disadvantages and risks involved in using these resources.

The good:
The bad:

The bulk of the presentation was a tour of a wide range of resources, grouped into familiar ELT categories, including:


Lucy demonstrated the wide variety of English language learning materials available for free on the Web.

The lack of an Internet-enabled computer room at the venue prevented participants from getting hands-on experience, but by making desktop 'movies' of the pages she wanted to show, Lucy managed to present a viable substitute. This means of delivery brought the materials to life and gave attendees a good impression of the quality of interactive facilities, graphics, audio, video available.

Lucy has kindly supplied the set of categorised links accompanying her talk as a downloadable .pdf file:

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