Geoff Taylor: Committee Member

Geoff Taylor is currently teaching full-time at St Clare's, Oxford, England, where he manages the school's educational computer centre

He has taught EFL/ESL in Austria, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and the USA, mainly with International House. He has had commercial EFL materials published, with Chancerel International Publishers. He has recently obtained an MEd in Educational Technology and ELT (distance) with Manchester University. Gary Motteram was one of his main tutors (Thanks, Gary!).

Like Tilly, Geoff is a Mac enthusiast (with a new stonking 15" 1.5 GHz G4 PowerBook), and produced interactive EFL tutors, using Apple HyperCard and similar authoring programs for MacOS (ancient history now), but still available for download via a personal web site, Sounds English.

Most recently, he has been running / developing an after-course Internet-based English language support service, called SCOOL (St Clare's, Oxford, On-Line).

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