Conference 2006 - Harrogate

The Harrogate Conference Centre

This page, edited by Rodney Mantle, contains links to material used at the conference, such as handouts etc. This page is under development - some links are not active yet.

Sunday, 10:45 am: ChatBoxX - Dynamically Creating a Resource for E-moderators

Valentina Dodge (University of Naples) and Sheila Vine (Freelance - Germany)

Valentina and Sheila's presentation Valentina and Sheila's presentation

We shared an IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Travel Grant. At the Conference we showed how to use chatrooms for teaching. For those of you who were not able to join us there we trust this opportunity to read our presentation will show you the versatility and utility of pooling our creativity and strengths ;-), and we hope you will hop on board the exchange with your valued contributions anytime, anywhere!

Click here for the text of our presentation.

Click here for a "submit form" and the ChatBoX contact details or here if you want to e-mail us.

Sunday, 12:25 pm: Computers in ELT [teacher training]

Jana Jilkova (ICV Kutna Hora and VUP Pedagogical Research Institute Prague)

Jana's presentation Jana's presentation

I talked about the work being done in the Czech Republic to encourage and support the use of IT in teaching.

Click here for my conference handout.

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Sunday, 2:20 pm: Interactive Whiteboards: An 18-month journey of discovery

Neil Harris (Anglolang Academy of English, Scarborough, North Yorkshire)

Neil's  presentation Neil's  presentation

I talked about the joys and challenges of integrating interactive whiteboards into my teaching.

Click here (inactive)to learn more about my presentation.

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Sunday, 3:40 pm: Making IT, or Faking IT?

Nicky Hockly (The Consultants-E, Barcelona)

Nicky's presentation Nicky's presentation

I surveyed some of the tools available for the use of IT in teaching.

Click here to learn more about my presentation.

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Sunday, 5:15 pm: LT SIG Open Forum

Gary Motteram (left) and Gavin Dudeney (right) Gary Motteram (seated, middle, front) talking about the June 2006 event in Beijing The Buffet Networking

This was chaired by out-going SIG Co-ordinator Gavin Dudeney and was well-attended.

Committee members talked about the change of the SIG's name, the SIG Newsletter, SIG website developments, the discussion list and a recent discussion, as well as recent and (then) future SIG events, which are described elsewhere on this website. There followed a question-and-answer session on the SIG's activities and priorities.

A tempting array of prizes (our thanks to the donors!) made the raffle an enjoyable event, and the buffet proved popular. Networking was rampant.

Sunday 6pm: Totally wiki-ed - using wikis in EAP

Tilly Harrison (University of Warwick, England)

Tilly's presentation Tilly's presentation

A wiki is the type of webpage which anyone can edit. I discussed the way I used one in EAP to create a useful vocabulary collection tailor-made by each class, including ways of helping the students remember the words. We discussed the uses we have found for wikis or similar vocabulary teaching techniques.

My materials can be found here.

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